A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories

Air and Vacuum Valves, Air Release Valves, and Combination Valves for Water and Wastewater

( NC, SC, Eastern GA

Diamond Plastics Corporation

Large and small diameter PVC Pipe for Agricultural and Municipal Applications. Sizes 2” thru 60”. CORR 21, PRO 21 profile pipe.

( NC, SC, Augusta, Savannah, Knoxville

EBAA Iron, Inc.

Megalugs, Bell Restraints, Megaflanges, and Joint Restraint Products for PVC & DI Pipe.

( NC, SC

Hubbell / Quazite

Polymer Concrete Enclosures for Meter Boxes, Electronic Utility, Telecommunications, C&I Construction, Transportation and Water Utility Industries.

( NC, SC

Hurco Technologies, Inc.

Deflection Gauges, Smoke Test Equipment, Ventilators, Valve Exercise Machines, Rerounders, Test Pumps, Vacuum Excavators, and Fire Protection Equipment.

( NC, SC

Hydrant Repair Parts

Hydrant Extension Kits and Repair Kits for all Fire Hydrants.

( NC, SC

Hubbell CDR

CDR manufactures a wide variety of polymer concrete and fiber-reinforced polyester products as well as aluminum enclosures.

( NC, SC

Lansas Products

Pipe Plugs and Vacuum Test Equipment for the Water and Wastewater Industry.

( NC, SC

Odor Control

Portable and Disposable Odor Control Units for Sewer Force Mains. No Heavy Equipment or Messy Disposal of Spent Carbon.

( NC, SC

Pen Cell Plastics

Plastic Meter Boxes

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Carsonite Composites

Location Markers, Posts, Test Stations, Delineators, Signs, and Decals.

( NC, SC

Clear Water Manufacturing Corp.

Your Ductile Iron Pipe Fabricator

( NC, SC

White Rhino

Flange Packs, MJ Bolt Sets, Valve Wrenches

( NC, SC

CCI Piping Systems

Casing Spacers, Wrapid Seal, Pipe Supports, Wrap-it Link

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